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Garlic & Herb pull-apart January 10, 2008

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After waking up earlier than usual, and having more hours to spend for the day, plus with shops being closed, I decided to venture into baking yeast bread.  It was another one of my attempts to see how making bread will turn out.  The recipe I got from, and I just left out the feta and added sliced olives instead.

Herbs (basil, thyme and parsley) picked from my pots.


Dough pre and post-proofing (done in my bedroom – the only place that gets the sun).

preproof postproof

Portioned and layered.

portions prebake top

Just before going in the oven & soon after it came out – still steaming hot.

prebake baked1



It tasted pretty good while it was warm and I ate one of the tops, but when I cooled down and had another top, it didn’t have that ‘bread’ taste anymore.  I’m not sure whether it’s the flour, the way I’m kneading, not adding enough of a salt / sugar / other things.  I need the Baker’s Delight or Brumby’s recipe.  It was good fun though … I think I need to practice kneading.  Then I need to attempt at making a pizza base.


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